5 Mental Habits to Reduce Stress

CBD is gaining popularity among those suffering from stress and anxiety as an alternative and holistic remedy for relief. Some have adopted it as a part of their everyday routine, while others chose to take it only in specific times of need.

As with any protocol for achieving a healthy life, positive outcomes unfold best when paired with other healthy habits. Those who are able to adopt even just a few extra healthy habits are the ones who typically see the most positive results. Here are a few extra mental health habits you can add to your CBD ritual that may help you relax and unwind a little more. Also check out our tips for physical habits to reduce stress.

1. Routine 

Creating a routine, especially a morning routine, can help cut the chaos the moment you wake up, and reduce stress from the get go. Keeping yourself organized, on track, and in control of your situation can help with a more positive mindset. Try adding things into your routine such as listening to an up beat music playlist or podcast while you get ready for the day, or sit and enjoy a cup of tea for five minutes before you head out the door.

2. Morning Gratitude

Write down a few things you are grateful for every morning. These things can be small and the list can be short. Try starting with one small thing every day and build from there. Starting the morning off with a positive, peaceful outlook can dramatically impact the tone and setting for the rest of your day. Focusing on the positives of your life can redirect your thinking and help reduce stress and anxiety.

3. Goal Setting

Goal setting can help you organize and prioritize things that are important and need to be accomplished. Setting goals can help you avoid procrastination and the anxiety of always having to play catch up. Your goals do not have to be limited to work or every day tasks, but can be personal fun goals as well! Start with one small goal and work up to larger and/or multiple ones.

4. Journaling

Set aside a few minutes in the morning or evening to write down what you are feeling. Letting your worries build up and fester only creates more stress and anxiety. Dedicating time to address your worries can help manage and reduce stress. Start journaling for just two minutes once a day and work up to 5-15 minutes.

5. Meditation

Even just two to three minutes of meditation a day can promote relaxation and decrease stress and anxiety. Begin by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and breath normally. Focus on your body and breath. Observe how your body moves as you inhale and exhale. When your mind starts to wander, redirect your focus to your breath and the movement of your chest, ribs, shoulders and stomach. Always be sure to observe your breath and movement without trying to control it in any way.  

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