15mg Full Spectrum CBD Gummys – 20 Pack

Assorted flavor-infused full spectrum CBD sour gummy’s. Each gummy contains 15mg CBD. 20 gummy’s per pack.

$20 per pack

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15mg Full Spectrum CBD Gummys – 20 Pack

For those that don’t like the taste of dropping the CBD oil as a tincture (or if you just have a sweet tooth), 4 Reasons offers CBD gummys with a variety of colors and flavors.

Each gummy contains 15mg CBD. Beyond their tastiness, some users prefer gummy’s to accurately dose themselves. We recommend starting with one to see how your body reacts before snacking out. Over time, as you learn how your body’s endocannabinoid system works with CBD, you can dose yourself more appropriately with the number of CBD gummy’s.

4 Reasons offers full spectrum CBD gummy’s that include not just CBD but the entire cannabinoid profile of the hemp plant (even the terpenes). The “entourage effect” is a term that implies that you feel the most effect from the plant when all the cannabinoids are working together as a group (i.e. when CBD is working with its counterparts). That is why 4 Reasons does not extract just the CBD. We prefer that it teams up with CBG, CBN and even the rich terpenes to ensure you get the most of your CBD gummy’s.


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